Brainstorming for next semester

We had a small end-of-semester event to brainstorm what we might do next semester and beyond. So many great ideas were shared– this could fill our color-time for the next two years! Be on the look out for many of these as topics for future Chromatic Cabinet events. If you have any ideas for future events please send an email to we are always looking for new and interesting things to talk about!

Autopoisis: from color perception in pigeons to a new systems perspective

Color as taste (exploring guide books on kimono colors and Western wallpaper)

Hume (on blue)

Goethe vs Newton’s theories of color

A series on black: tech and perception/blackness/semiotics/race theory/images of black holes/vanta black

PMA field trip (visit the archives?)

Is there a color of inclusiveness and is it purple?

Using color in linguistic maps

Color in maps in general (and the associated mathematical problem of coloring maps)

Wavelengths of light related to plants and photosynthesis

Color revolutions

The colors of war flags